Novinger Log Homestead

The Novinger Renewal  log homestead and museum allows visitors to take a step back into history and learn what it was like to be a coal miner.

The Novinger Log Homestead was built in 1848 by Isaac and Samuel Novinger to be used as a family home. Today, the log home is preserved by Novinger Renewal, which works to preserve historic buildings in the area. Visitors to the homestead and museum have the opportunity to learn the history of the home, as well as learning about the coal mining industry in Novinger.

"Well, we want to be able to share our history with the surrounding community and people from all over the world. Actually, we have a lot of coal miners that came into these areas around the turn of the century and their families have scattered across the United States and various areas," said Glenna Daniels Young of the Novinger Log Homestead Museum.

The homestead is furnished with period items and local artifacts, and is open any time by appointment.  More information can be found at