From The Mayor’s Desk


April 2017

Greetings from the City of Novinger!

Spring is in the air and already many new projects have started or have been completed! Those of us who live here locally are enjoying seeing the fruits of many different kinds of labor. The Spring and Summer of 2017 will be filled with various projects around our town.

In the month of March the city officially closed out it’s Community Development Block Grant for the demolition of dilapidated/unrepairable properties. A total of 28 properties were included in this 4 year long endeavor. To put this in perspective a community must have at least 10 applicants to apply for a CDBG grant of this type. During the demolition process the city oversaw the removal of 25 residential structures, mobile homes, garages and 3 commercial buildings! We have been told by state and local officials we have completed one of the largest demo projects in the state for a community of our size! We would like to thank the staff at Northeast Regional Planning for their assistants throughout this project.

The city will continue with efforts to remove blighted/abandoned properties from our community. Unfortunately some applicants were simply to late to participate in this voluntary program. Others chose not to participate at all. In applying for this grant the city agreed with terms to the state to make continued efforts to make our community a safe, desirable place to live. So, we press on. It is a great feeling when folks from outside our community visit here and say things like, “Wow, you guys have really been working hard to clean up your town”! To that we say thank you, and we’re not done yet!

Next, we’re pleased to inform everyone the city has hired part time additional experienced staff for road repair and storm drainage maintenance. Work on our roads will continue throughout this year. Please realize there are going to be some inconveniences that go along with this work. The city has purchased a easily assessable property with highway frontage to off load road materials and storm drainage tubes.

More good news, here in just the last few weeks the city has come to realize that 4 full time Adair County Deputies will be living within our city limits! We welcome every chance we have to make our community a safe, quiet and desirable place to live.  Providing law enforcement in a small town has become increasingly difficult due to education and salary requirements mandated by the state. We are thankful we have a good working relationship with the Sheriff’s department and other local agencies.

In January the city received notification our water rates were increasing again. In response the city council approved a very modest increase to the majority of our citizens. It should be noted we are having to take a much stricter policy towards water leaks. Please do not ignore unnecessary water usage. With increased regulations coming down through the EPA and Missouri Department of Natural Resources,  it will become imperative the city is able to account for all of it’s water usage. We have been very fortunate this winter, we have had very few water leaks in our system. The city is now able to conduct audits of our own system comparing water purchased through Adair Rural Water to receipts of our local customers month by month. We promise our city residents we will do everything we can to hold down the cost to our citizens.

Along with that we are facing in the next few years several maintenance issues with our water and waste water systems. Unfortunately, many of these issues are not generated locally. We have no control of mandates established through regulatory agencies, mainly the EPA. Regardless of how we feel about these issues we are forced to comply. In our own state we feel we have a good working relationship with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. We have hired highly qualified and credentialed staff to maintain these systems.

As we continue to make small but deliberate steps to make our city a great place to raise a family, start a small business or retire and enjoy knowing our neighbors in a small town atmosphere, people are taking notice. Recently, I became aware of a home that soon may be for rent. I had 4 inquires myself in one week end. Hardly a week goes by that we don’t have someone looking for a place to live. If you have a place you might like to rent or sell be sure to let us know! The work that is behind us has set us up for the future, it’s time. Steady growth helps our school system, infrastructure, community organizations and churches as well as developing pride in our community. It’s time, why not Novinger?

In closing I encourage folks, think back 10 years ago. Count our victories, not our hindrances. Together, we’re making a difference. Some old things have passed away, and  in their place we create the new. Why not Novinger?


Thank you,

Mayor Jeff Dodson

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