October 25, 2014

Well I just had to take a walk this morning...the good Lord gave us such a beautiful fall day just had to go.....I found myself not seeing Novinger as it is but how it was when I was a kid... see if many of you see what I see...

Sorry this was a long walk... as I left my house I am heading west....I see Hadie Sandstrom's house I expect she getting popcorn balls ready for Halloween....down the hill Frances Jane is sweeping off the front porch...down round the corner there is Moon Ronchetto's house with the biggest tomato vines I ever saw...on down I see Seilo Anesi down tending to his cows...on across there's Mrs. Ellsworth's....can you smell the fresh cut corn field...boys must have just got done with my view I can see the fair grounds...just done with labor day not too long ago.

I can still hear the sounds of a ton of people,the big carnival, the lights, the smells of cotton candy and food from the cook shack...the old stage looks bare....on I go right past the Novinger Food Locker...Perry Joe and Kibbee hard at work processing meat, folks pulling up to pick up or drop off... on past the old garage and the car wash... still going I see Gaspari's Garage with Harry Fallini working hard.

As I head east, behind Bob Goucher's garage lots of busy folks and the sounds of tires being fixed and guys telling stories as they wait...on I go past the Baptist church and across the highway to Lawson's store...cold bottle of pop would be good but no time....I turn the corner past Myer's house and way off I can see the ball field...pretty quiet this time of year...round the corner and heading toward the highway past McCarty's pretty...

I turn up the highway there's the school, no one there today its Saturday. Sometimes a few cars if the band kids are out and about...well I'm at Aldolf Blacksmith's and across the street is the bus garage...yep some kids are on a trip one bus gone, of course you can see in doors or locks on the garage...

Half block and up I go I see Mom and Dad's house and for sure Dad is out working.. across the street is Stacy Polovich's and he's had breakfast and setting on the porch.

I'm back to my house, but in my mind its McCormick's house and Leslie is working on one of his cars again....hope you enjoyed my walk thru memory lane this morning... I sure did!.

Teresa West feeling blessed.